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Sproule Type Curve Analysis

We live in a new age of hydrocarbon extraction where shale and tight oil and gas plays dominate the North American landscape. With high initial rates and dramatic early declines, accurately modelling future declines for these plays is crucial to understanding expected performance in a play.

Using best-in-class processes, Sproule experts have modelled future production of key wells and drilling opportunities for key resource plays to help you make critical business decisions. Whether you are a development engineer, part of an A&D team, or a financial analyst using consistent and robust type curves from Sproule, users can dramatically shorten time spent screening for opportunities and evaluating investment decisions. Available online, this complete and accurate dataset allows you to quickly evaluate producing wells, benchmark opportunities and determine future development production profiles for resource plays in Western Canada.  

Available Western Canadian Resource Plays

  • Bakken
  • Beaverhill Lake
  • Cantuar
  • Cardium
  • Dunvegan
  • Duvernay
  • Lower Amaranth
  • Midale
  • Montney
  • Shaunavon
  • Slave Point
  • Spirit River
  • Torquay
  • Viking

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Methodology matters

Differentiating reservoir performance and reservoir behaviour enables assessment of completion type, completion effectiveness, well length, and minor variations in reservoir quality within the area. Since well performance varies within any individual geologic bin, Sproule has developed a type curve suite for each geologic bin, which covers the range of expected results, from the worst to best in any area.

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