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Regulatory Strategy & Development

A national petroleum sector can create significant economic, social and environmental benefits when a fair and transparent regulatory infrastructure is in place. Sproule brings together policy experience and technical expertise to offer an impartial service that is rooted by the national context of the country being supported.

Sproule experts develop incremental, fit-for-purpose practices that enable improvement to governance and simultaneously meet the needs of producers, government, investors and communities across the globe.


  • Legislative & Regulatory Frameworks
  • Bid Round Advisory Services
  • Sustainable Resource Development
  • Contract Negotiation & Performance Monitoring
  • PSAs /Royalty Frameworks
  • Contract Audit & Management  (Ministry)
  • Fiscal  Regimes
  • In-Country Value & Procurement
  • Public Consultation Plans & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Technology Transfer

Developing a Fair & Transparent Regulatory Infrastructure

Bringing together policy experience and technical expertise, hear Sproule experts discuss the benefits of a transparent regulatory system

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Meet the Expert

Alison M. Redford, QC

Director, Regulatory Strategy and Development

Alison leads Sproule’s initiative to support resource sector stakeholders with the development and adoption of regulatory frameworks and processes.

She previously served as Premier of Alberta from 2011 to 2014 and, prior to that, as Minister of Justice and Attorney General from 2008 to 2011. Prior to entering politics, Alison worked mainly on institutional change and public sector reform and governance of regulatory institutions in post-conflict situations, including in South Africa, Afghanistan, Bosnia and sub-Saharan Africa on behalf of the United Nations, the Commonwealth and the European Union.

Examples of how Alison and her team can help organizations include public policy planning, advising on bidding and tenure, sustainable resource development, contract models, fiscal regimes, and local content and technology transfer.

Energy development grows communities and national economies

Around the world, decision-makers seeking growth in the energy sector are relying on regulatory processes to balance the intricacies between energy, environment and community. At Sproule, we guide decision-makers through foundational work—from consultation to policy choices—to determine the right approach for a national energy strategy. A defined set of expectations and mechanisms for technology transfer and capacity building will benefit all stakeholders engaged in creating energy.

A fair, competitive and transparent regulatory structure can help:

  • Governments can meet economic challenges through effective and sustainable development of their natural resources.
  • Investors can dramatically reduce the risk of doing business in a particular country, when they understand the regulatory framework—the rules of the game. 
  • Exploration and production (E&P) companies can explore more opportunities across the world and maintain shareholder confidence with a message of consistent and fair practices being employed around the world.
  • Communities can become engaged by participating in the process of how their nation develops its natural resources to benefit their people for the long term.

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