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Regulatory / REG-03 / 4 days

Extractives Regulatory Development & Strategy: Crafting Solutions

Alison M. Redford QC

Director, Regulatory Strategy and Development



This 4-day course will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the processes and information required for the creation and implementation of a transparent and consistent national, state or provincial extractives regulatory system that would meet a number of national goals. These would include achieving the requisite internal social licence to support extraction activities while balancing the need to create regulations and a streamlined operating environment to support investor confidence in the resource extraction industry. These areas are explored in much greater detail than in the overview course. The course content will address the petroleum, hydro, renewable energy sources and mining industries.


The course will introduce the participants to:

  • The nature of public policy and its development
  • The legal framework required and the supporting regulations that reflect the public policy goals
  • The Integrated Sustainable Resource Development plan, focusing on the areas of infrastructure planning, inter-jurisdictional issues, COP21 and climate change, environmental targets, and social and community development
  • Integrated Project Management & Hearings, which will cover topics related to infrastructure development, environmental management, green technology, and social licence
  • The final section of the course will cover a variety of topics related to regulatory components and compliance. Depending on the specific resource jurisdiction, topics such as gas flaring monitoring, air quality, fracking, bid rounds, emissions monitoring, and environmental health and safety will be addressed in the context of public policy and regulations development.

Designed for

Senior decision-makers involved in the regulatory process. This is an opportunity to share approaches to topics discussed in the course.