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Regulatory / REG-04 / 2 days

COP21 Course

Alison M. Redford QC

Director, Regulatory Strategy and Development



This 2-day course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the goals, requirements and implications of the COP21 commitments adopted at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: the Paris Agreement. The course will be presented in a lecture and workshop format by senior experienced instructors with a vast working knowledge of the creation and implementation of public policy and regulatory development applicable to the Canadian extractive resource industry. During the workshop component, participants will have the opportunity to work in teams to explore public policy options focusing on greenhouse gas reductions and to work on solutions to both inform and implement the specific policy. The results of each teams’ analysis will be presented to the greater group for further discussion, critique and revision.


The course will introduce the participants to the current state of global greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on:

  • The goals of the Paris Agreement and how world economies, both large and small, contribute to the current level of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Present concepts related to how the Paris Agreement’s goals can ultimately be met though a combined strategy of social awareness
  • Regulatory reform applicable to greenhouse gas emissions
  • Industry involvement in adopting less intensive greenhouse gas emission practices and the development of an appropriate tax environment
  • These goals are expected to support the overall national goal of maintaining a healthy economy, including resource extraction and development in conjunction with staged reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Designed for

This course will benefit those extractive industry, governmental and regulatory administrators, managers and executives who are involved in operating within or overseeing the extractive resource sector and who may be part of the creation and implementation of applicable public policy and regulatory controls and oversight.