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Regulatory / REG-01 / 1.5 days

Understanding Oil & Gas Disclosure Rules

Alison M. Redford QC

Director, Regulatory Strategy and Development



Attendees will develop an understanding of the oil and gas reserves evaluation process and guidance from The Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook (COGEH) for estimating oil and gas reserves, disclosing the reserves volumes and values derived from them publicly, and the consideration that such resource and reserve volumes and values may have on market valuations. Students will gain a greater understanding of the topics presented by participating in the analysis of a number of relevant case studies.


The process of estimating oil and gas reserves and resources
Definitions of reserves and resources in use now
Corporate practices in preparing estimates of reserves and resources
The influence and application of COGEH in estimating reserves and resources
How COGEH has evolved to accommodate changes in the opportunity suite in Western Canada
Required practice when evaluating Resources Other Than Reserves (ROTR)
Current requirements of National Instrument 51-101 (NI 51-101)
Proposed changes to NI 51-101
Explanations of the disclosure required by NI 51-101
How corporate valuations of reserves may influence market valuations and asset values
Case studies to help understand and apply NI 51-101

Designed for

The material in this course was designed for industry professionals, stakeholders and public servants who are part of the energy and regulatory sector and who have an interest in understanding how oil and gas reserves evaluations, estimations and disclosures affect market valuations.